Top Travel Shows to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

My friends, we live in a time where the mere mention of the word ‘travel’ transforms our weary eyes into those of a kid on Christmas morning. Wanderlust: isn’t it such a beautiful term? No other word comes close to articulating the deep, heart-tugging desire to roam, explore, and experience new sights and cultures. And good news – travel shows are here to quench that thirst. At least, for the time being.

Purpose of the Guide

This guide, my fellow dreamers and wanderers, isn’t a mere list. Among other things, it’s a snack for your travel-starved souls. It’s a lifeline until we can stretch our wings (or book our tickets, if you will) towards the next adventure. Because who said we can’t travel the world, feel the adrenaline rush, and drool over foreign cuisines from our couch?

Why Travel Shows?

Did someone ask why? Well, let’s pull out that list:

  • Travel from the Comfort of Your Home – You can explore the globe sitting from your couch, in your pajamas. Who wouldn’t love that?
  • Learning about Different Cultures – You can dive deep into the richness of global diversity – from customs to traditions, to food, without dealing with airport security. Like they say, the world is quite literally your oyster!

Types of Travel Shows

Now, not all travel shows are created equal. They come in different flavours, and there’s something for everyone:

  • Shows about Food and Travel – Grab a snack for these ones. They’re going to walk you through the streets of Bangkok to the exquisite dining in Paris, understanding culture through cuisine.
  • Adventure Travel Shows – Stay hydrated for these. You’ll be experiencing adrenaline-pumping trips around the world, through dense forests to towering mountain peaks.
  • Documentary-style Travel Shows – Turn off the lights, get cozy, and prepare to immerse in narrative journeys that transport you to thrilling and often remote corners of our planet.

Top Food and Travel Show Recommendations

If you’re a foodie and love to travel, buckle up.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

This gem from the culinary giant, the late Anthony Bourdain, is your passport to exploring the vibrant global food scene and its intertwining with culture. From siping tea in Myanmar to diving into the local cuisine of Libya, Bourdain leaves no stone unturned. It’s informative, insightful, and downright mouthwatering.

Somebody Feed Phil

Phil Rosenthal, the creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, embarks on unforgettable culinary journeys around the world. His warm, friendly demeanor and genuine enthusiasm for food make for some irresistibly charming moments. Trust me, you’ll wish you could taste through the screen.

Street Food: Asia

Take a tour through the bustling streets of Asian countries with this Netflix original series. It not only explores the tantalizing street food but also dives into the personal stories of the vendors who dedicate their lives to their craft. The Bangkok episode? A must-watch.

Best of Adventure Travel Shows

If you’re adrenaline junkies like me, these shows will get your blood pumping.

The Amazing Race

Let me introduce you to your next obsession. Teams of two racing around the globe for a hefty cash prize? All while facing challenges, fearing eliminations, and battling jet lags? Yep, it’s as dramatic as it sounds.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Watch celebrities join Bear Grylls on survival adventures in the harshest conditions around the world. Whether you fancy watching Zac Efron rappel down a cliff or watching Bear squeeze water out of elephant dung (Yes, you read that right), you’re in for a real treat!


This show is about two childhood friends stepping out of their comfort zones to explore the world. It’s raw, real, and leaves you feeling like you’re on the road with them.

Exciting Documentary-style Travel Shows

And for those who love a well-narrated, immersive experience:

Dark Tourist

Ever wondered about the darker side of tourist locations? This show dives into the strange and unusual tourism trend people are becoming obsessed with. Chernobyl, anyone?

An Idiot Abroad

Picture this: the most reluctant traveler you can think of, sent around the world on an all-expenses-paid trip. Sounds entertaining? Well, it is – and hilarious, too.

Tales by Light

If gorgeous cinematography and moving stories tickle your curiosity, this show’s a treat. It follows photographers around the world capturing stunning images that tell incredible tales.

How to Enhance Travel Show Experiences

So, how do we elevate our couch travels?

Participating Actively

  • Note down interesting destinations or dishes you’d like to try.
  • Why not try cooking some of those amazing travel recipes at home?

Virtual Reality Experience

How about using technology to amp up the experience?

  • Slip on a VR set, dive into a 360-degree travel experience, immerse yourself.

Engaging Online

And then, there’s the world wide web.

  • Follow your favourite travel show communities on social media.
  • Engage in online chats and discussions – there’s a whole community of travel lovers out there.


Travel shows, my wanderlust-afflicted friend, offer a unique relief to our travel-deprived selves. They are our temporary passports, our mini escapes, our culinary delights, and our adrenaline stimulants.

Let’s continue exploring the world through these windows of entertainment, education, and inspiration. Click that remote, turn up the volume, and let the journey begin. Safe travels… from the couch!

Final Thoughts

Remember fellow wanderlusters, the world is waiting for us patiently with open arms. Until then, let us continue our explorations from our snuggly couches with a bowl of popcorn, dreaming about the time we can feel the sand beneath our feet, the taste of exotic cuisines, and the thrill of new horizons. Here’s to satisfying our wanderlust – one travel show at a time.

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